Top Flite T-34B Mentor Gold Edition Kit TOPA0160

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Top Flite T-34B Mentor, take flight with an American military classic trainer! For almost 50 years the T-34 Mentor was a primary trainer for new U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots. Though many full-size Mentors still exist today, there are few R/C models of this plane around. But Top Flite is proud to announce the unveiling of a 1/5 scale replica of this legendary trainer that performs as realistically as it looks. With its Gold Edition engineering and lots of scale touches, this T-34 Mentor makes for a proud addition to your military model hangar.

The fuselage and wings are fully sheeted in 3/32" balsa for added strength, while the tail section is sheeted in 1/16" balsa for lighter weight. The cowl and tail cone are made of heavy-duty ABS plastic for durability. Selig 3086 and 3087 airfoils deliver comforting stability for smooth flight and basic aerobatics.

The large canopy can be installed to slide open and closed, and can be enhanced with a full cockpit kit and 1/4 scale pilot figures. Performance options include operational flaps and retractable landing gear.

A fully sheeted exterior is perfect for applying scale finishes. Scale, operational flaps are an option that greatly increases flying performance. T-34B Mentor 1/5 Scale detailed cockpit      
A detailed Cockpit Kit is available separately to further enhance the Mentor's appearance! The Mentor will fly well with a .61-size 2-stroke engine.


Engine: .60-.91 (9.8-14.9cc) 2-stroke
.90-1.20 cu. in. (14.9-19.6cc) 4-stroke
Muffler: Pitts-Style is required so that the muffler conceals inside the cowling.
Radio: 4-6 channel, 6-channel with servos for optional flaps

Wingspan: 80" (2032mm)
Wing Area:
1025 sq in (66 sq dm)
10-14lb (4.5-6.4kg)
Wing Loading:
22.5-31.5oz/sq ft (69-96g/sq dm)
63" (1600mm)
Semi-symmetrical, low-wing
Center of Gravity:
6-3/8" (162mm) Back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides

Control Throws
Low Rate
Up & Down ?" (13mm)
Up & Down 9/16" (14mm)
Right & Left ?" (19mm)
Down-takeoff 1" (25mm)50%

High Rate
Up & Down ?" (19mm)
Up & Down 11/16" (17mm)
Right & Left 1" (25mm)
landing 2" (51mm)100%

Engine Down Thrust:
Engine Right Thrust:

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