Tamiya TRF502X Chassis Upgrade Set TAMC8410
TAMC8410 Tamiya TRF502X Chassis Upgrade Set

Tamiya TRF502X Chassis Upgrade Set TAMC8410

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This is the Tamiya TRF502X Chassis Upgrade Set.

  • Aluminum Rear Suspension Mounts allow rear toe-in angle adjustment
  • Universal Propeller Shafts feature axle rings to help prevent shafts from coming off
  • The new carbon front/rear upper decks have new shapes to increase chassis rigidity
  • The new Aluminum Upper Arm Mounts optimize the camber angles for improved suspension movement
  • The new Carbon Rear Damper Stay has refined damper attachment positions to offer better ground clearance and rebound stroke setup options
This new part for the TRF 502X was designed and engineered from the latest race data gathered by the TRF team. The Upgrade Set conveniently includes a variety of newly-designed parts that further enhance the performance level of the TRF502X, plus open up a wider range of setting possibilities.

2.5mm Thick Carbon Front Upper Deck
2.5mm Thick Carbon Rear Upper Deck
3.5mm Thick Carbon Rear Damper Stay
Aluminum Upper Arm Mount (4pcs)
Aluminum Rear Sus Mount (3.5/Narrow)
Aluminum Rear Sus Mount (2.5/Wide)
DB02 Universal Propeller Shaft Screws

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