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  Tekin Battery Nurse Storage System 120V TEKTT1435

TEKP1435 Tekin Battery Nurse Storage System 120V

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The Tekin Battery Nurse with its VCS is just what the Battery Doctor ordered. While the Battery Doctor relies on the time-tested methodology of battery conditioning through cycling and discharge, the Battery Nurse uses a groundbreaking Voltage Control System (VCS) to automatically and safely maintain the peak performance characteristics of new battery packs.

The Battery Nurse was carefully designed to be a very powerful addition to your pit, yet easy to integrate into your current battery care and maintenance program.

We all know the care that new batteries require in order to keep them at their best performance level. You finish racing and you discharge your packs and put in a 20-30% charge so they won't go flat. You have to keep checking the batteries while you store them to keep them from discharging themselves.

The Battery Nurse takes care of all of that for you. Once you put a small charge back into your batteries you simply hook up the Battery Nurse, select the Voltage Hold Level that you want, and the Battery Nurse automatically keeps the pack at that level. It's that simple, nothing more to do except add more packs--the Battery Nurse can monitor up to six 6 cells packs, six 5 cell packs, or six 4 cell packs. The Battery Nurse will have 2 setting for 6 cells, 2 setting for 5 cells and 2 setting for 4 cells.

The Battery Nurse comes in a sturdy carrying case that allows you to store and transport your packs all in a self-contained system. The Battery Nurse works off of a 12v DC adaptor when you are at home and switches to a 9V battery while you are traveling to and from races, just unplug it when you are ready to leave and the Battery Nurse automatically switches to standby power.

Batteries are perishable and will eventually fail despite all efforts to prevent them from doing so. The Tekin Battery Nurse ia a proactive weapon designed to minimize the effects of battery aging.

Battery care and conditioning is somewhat of a dark art and most conventional approaches still rely on the time-tested methodology of battery conditioning through cycling and discharge, even while battteries have changed significantly. the BAttery Nurse, unlike any other battery care product made uses and innovative Voltage Control System to extend a new battery packs peak performance characteristics. Just what defines a loss of performance can be described in several ways, physical failure, loss of capacity, and loss of power. The Battery Nurse works by addressing each of these failure mechanisms.

Physical component failure in NiCd and NiMh batteries typically involves the seperator between the conductive plates. Seperator failure can happen in a number of ways, the principal causes are dry-out due to loss of water in the cell and by crystal growth. Abusive overcharge and over-discharge conditions can contribute to the loss of water in the cell and cause the seperator to dry out. These conditions can be inflicted during the matching process before the battery even reaches the end-user and cannot be remedied. Conversely, crystal growth occurs over time and can be rectified. As a cell self-discharges it becomes more susceptible to high-resistance shorts, a phenomenon in which crystal growth is so extensive that the seperator is bridged by conductive material. The Battery Nurse monitors the state of charge and attends to the cells to help minimize the formation of crystals. Any high-resistance short that attempts to develop is summarily zapped; blown like a fuse.

It is important to understand that all batteries exhibit a certain amount of self-discharge and the tendency is most pronounced in nickel-based batteries. NiMH batteries tend to self discharge about 4% of their capacity per day. Loss of capacity and power both occur for the same reason. The cause is the failure of the seperator or the degradation of the active material on the electrodes. Degradation occurs in the form of corrosion, and recent research indicates that corrosion formation is caused by the charge and discharge cycles. The Battery Nurse uses the VCS system to prevent unwanted charge and discharge cycles like self discharge to eliminate the formation of corrosion that is not a direct result of active use of the battery. The Battery Nurse's VCS also avoids unnecessary charging which can contribute to corrosion formation.

Simply put, the Battery Nurse helps delay the inevitable. It keeps good batteries good longer, and prevents batteries that want to go bad from going bad so quickly.

Battery care and conditioning is an art and what works best for your GP3300 may not be ideal for your new IB4200--the Battery Nurse has a programmable Voltage Hold so that as new battery types are introduced, you can make adjustments if needed. The Battery Nurse is designed to work best with the Tekin Battery Doctor, but can be used with any discharge tray currently on the market. The Battery Nurse can be used on any type of NiMh or NiCd pack, Sub-C and 2/3-A mini.

Designed to minimize the effects of battery aging
Innovative Voltage Control System (VCS) extends new batteries' peak performance characteristics
Attends to cells to help minimize crystal formation
Prevents unwanted discharge and avoids unnecessary charging
110 Volt US version

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