Thunder Tiger Hi-Flow 3D Pipe RL-53 TTR9722
TTR9722 Thunder Tiger Redline Hi-Flow 3D Pipe (RL-53 Engine)

Thunder Tiger Hi-Flow 3D Pipe RL-53 TTR9722

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This is the Thunder Tiger Redline HI-FLOW 3D Pipe #9722 for the RL-53H engine. The new Redline HI-FLOW 3D Pipe (#9722) was specially designed to fit with the Thunder Tiger RL-53H helicopter engine. The Redline HI-FLOW 3D Pipe features an enlarged exhaust volume, with smooth airflow to help the engine generate extreme power output and high torque at high RPM.

  • Black aluminum construction
  • Enlarged exhaust volume with smooth airflow
  • Steady backpressure design
  • Designed specifically for high RPM/Torque 3D flying
Its steady backpressure flow design makes the engine run smoothly under different RPM conditions. Fit with RL-53H engine, and the #9722 HI-FLOW 3D pipe will perform specifically at high RPM/high torque output while under the most demanding flight routines. It will be the best choice for the 3D extreme pilot.

Includes: Redline HI-Flow 3D pipe, Exhaust Diverter, Muffler Bolt and Gasket Set

Requires: Installation on engine

Note: This pipe is recommend for extreme 3D pilots, for F3C pilots use the TTRG1402 Smoothy Pipe
Length: 10.4" (266mm)
Diameter: Body 1.7" (43mm)
Diameter: Tip .47" (12mm)

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