Thunder Tiger F-130S 4-Stroke Engine TTR9813
TTR9813 Thunder Tiger F-130S 4-Stroke Engine

Thunder Tiger F-130S 4-Stroke Engine TTR9813

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Thunder Tiger engine features a twin-needle updraft carburetor, black anodized cylinder head, oversized valves, and a high-performance silencer for best power-to-weight ratio.
Run the F-130S and give your giant plane some serious kick!!

  1. Main needle & idle valves located on same side
  2. Non-stick black coating muffler
  3. Smooth manifold for higher torque
  4. Reversible carburetor for easy tuning
  5. Over-sized drive washer for 13'to18'propellers
  6. XC2 hyper nano-technology composite coating
  7. Corrosion resistant crankshaft

8. Connecting rod knife-edged design

Displacement: 1.298 cu in (21.28cc)
Bore: 1.323" (33.6mm)
Stroke: 0.945" (24mm)
Practical RPM: 2,000 - 12,000
Output BHP/RPM: 2.2 HP - 11,000
Weight: 29.01oz (822.5g)

Carburetor Settings
Needle Valve: 2-3/4 - 3 turns counterclockwise from closed
Mixture Metering Screw: After setting needle valve, 1/8 turn clockwise if mixture is too rich or 1/8 turn counter-clockwise if mixture is too lean

Note: Carburetor is preset from the factory and requires only small adjustments

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