Top Flite 18x6-10 Power Point Propeller TOPQ5216
TOPQ5216 Top Flite 18x6-10 Power Point Propeller

Top Flite 18x6-10 Power Point Propeller TOPQ5216

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This is the Top Flite 18 x 6-10 Power Point Beechwood Propeller for the 9813 F-130S 4-Stroke Engine.

One 18x6-10 Power Point Propeller

Depending on the engine crankshaft size, the propeller may need to be reamed to a larger size using (GPMQ5005)
Center Hole Diameter: 1/4" approx
Propeller Diameter: 18"
Propeller Pitch: 6-10
  • Tan wood colored
  • Fuel proof
  • For the 9813 F-130S 4-Stroke Engine
  • Unlike the nylon blades this propeller will not bend out of the plane because it is strong and rigidity
  • For a more quite and efficient performance this propeller has an advanced swept-tip design
  • Made of lightweight beechwood instead of heavier maple
  • Designed with a tight tolerance for precise pitch
  • Less overall engine wear because of its small rotational mass

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