Traxxas Battery Hold-Downs E-Maxx (2) TRA3923
TRA3923 Traxxas Battery Hold-Downs E-Maxx

Traxxas Battery Hold-Downs E-Maxx (2) TRA3923

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Traxxas replacement battery hold down set is constructed of black nylon. Adhesive backed foam strips. Posts to accommodate either flat packs or side-by-side packs.

INCLUDES: Two battery pack hold downs
Two 140mm adhesive foam strips
Four 12x45mm adhesive foam strips
Six 10x45mm adhesive foam strips
Four 3mm hold down posts
Two 3mm shoulder screws
Four clips

COMMENTS: If flat packs are being used, the two shoulder screws can be used one on each hold down) with the battery hold downs inverted so
that the hold down can simply be swung out of the way to remove the
pack after the other end has been unclipped. If side-by-side packs
used, then all four posts with clip holes need to be installed
so that the hold downs can be completely removed in order to take
take out the packs.


Assembly onto chassis

Length of Battery Hold Downs: 158mm
Length of Hold Down Posts: 22mm
Length of Shoulder Screws: 20.5mm

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