Traxxas Dual Charging Board for 3S LiPO Batteries TRA2918
TRA2918 Traxxas Dual Charging Board for 3S LiPO Batteries

Traxxas Dual Charging Board for 3S LiPO Batteries TRA2918

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This is the Traxxas Dual Charging Board for 3S LiPO Batteries Now you can charge Two Packs at Once with the Optional Dual Charging Adapter for EZ-Peak Plus!

EZ-Peak Plus is now ready for 3S LiPo charging right out of the box. Add the optional Dual Charging Adapter, and you can charge two LiPo packs at the same time, complete with full balance-charging capability.

Simply plug your 3S packs into the Adapter, select the EZ-Peak Plus' Balance Charge mode, and you're ready to charge both packs at once.

Be certain to read all instructions and cautions included with the Dual Charging Adapter before charging your LiPo batteries.

The Traxxas Dual Charging Adapter for 2S LiPO Batteries is for use with Traxxas Power Cell LiPo batteries only.

Review Summary


4 Stars Decent product

James from VA wrote (July 15, 2014):

I have a Traxxas e revo brushless and recently purchased 2 3s lipo batteries. I heard good things about this website and there products. When purchasing this I wanted to make sure I get them charged to 100% and this seemed to be the best thing to charge them with.

5 Stars Dual charging board

Sean from Flintshire wrote (June 25, 2014):

Great item.... Makes charging simple and very quick....

4 Stars dual charging board

Drew from ON wrote (June 20, 2014):

Works great and I don't have the traxxas charger either I have a hyperion just plug it in and change it from 3s to 6s only use the same battery type or same mah amount this thing is only for 3s lipos. Great & handy product for the price. I believe their is a second board very similar to this that is specifically just for dual 2s Lipo charging aswell.

5 Stars dual charger

Dexter from GA wrote (November 29, 2012):

Great product! I would advise anyone with 3s lipo batteries to try this