Traxxas EVX2 Forward/Reverse Marine TRA3020
TRA3020 Traxxas EVX2 Forward/Reverse Marine

Traxxas EVX2 Forward/Reverse Marine TRA3020

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Traxxas EVX2 forward/reverse Marine Speed Control has a blue case with grey heatsink. Special watercooled heatsink. Traxxas high-current connectors. EZ-set push button setup. Three drive profiles. Thermal shutdown protection. Multicolored LED. 14.4 volts of power. Microprocessor controlled. Patent-pending training mode.



Input Voltage: 6-14 cells (7.2-16.8 volts DC)
Case Size: 2.27"W x 2.00"D x 1.05"H
Weight (heat sinks/no heat sinks): 4.0 oz / 3.6 oz.
Motor Limit (550 size): 19 turns (molex), 12 turns (High-Current Connectors)
On-Resistance (Forward & Reverse): .004 ohms
Rated Current (Forward & Reverse): 180A
Continous Current: 30A
BEC Voltage: 6 volts DC
BEC Current: 2.5A
Power Wire: 14 Gauge/9"
Switch Harness: 26 Gauge/4"
Input Harness Wire: 26 Gauge/9"
Transistor Type: MOSET
PWM Frequency: 1700 Hertz
Protection: Thermal Shutdown

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