Traxxas Transmitter TQ Villain Ex Boat TRA2222
TRA2222 Traxxas Transmitter TQ Villain Ex Boat

Traxxas Transmitter TQ Villain Ex Boat TRA2222

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The Traxxas Top Qualifier radio is now available as a complete system for use in any kit with 2-channel requirements. This is the same high-quality, high-power radio system now included in Traxxas ready-to-run cars and trucks.

The new transmitter features a distinctive, ergonomic, contour grip, which feels natural and comfortable to hands of all sizes. Batteries are arranged in a single layer with a "large-footprint" base for unmatched stability and balance.
Traxxas Transmitter TQ Villain EX Boat

Servo reversing on 2 channels
Foam rubber wrapped steering wheel
Adjustable steering and throttle trim
50/50 - 70/30 neutral point throttle switch
Telescoping antenna
Transmitter is grey in color

This radio does not have a charge jack installed, so if NiCd batteries are used, an external charger will be needed.

Requires: Transmitter crystal eight AA batteries (alkaline or NiCD)"
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