Traxxas Two Speed Conversion Kit E-Maxx TRA3998
TRA3998 Traxxas Two Speed Conversion Kit E-Maxx

Traxxas Two Speed Conversion Kit E-Maxx TRA3998

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Traxxas two speed conversion kit for the E-Maxx. This package includes wide and close ratio first gear sets, sub-micro servo, and linkage.

Provides more torque for climbing and driving through mud, grass and snow
Close ratio set (18/21) provides almost seamless shifting into second for quicker acceleration
Wide Ratio (13/26) provides the most extreme first gear ratio for maximum torque and low speed control
Same top speed as stock single speed setup

In stock trim the E-Maxx® (#3905) is equipped with a Brushless Ready™ single speed transmission that is optimized for all-around running. The accessory Two-Speed Conversion Kit offers another dimension of versatility and performance for E-Maxx owners who want the option of stump-pulling torque and high-speed passes. The included waterproof sub-micro servo actuates the internal shift fork with the push of a button from a three channel transmitter (sold separately).

The first ratio gear sets allow custom tuning for various applications and performance preferences. The close ratio first gear set is ideal for running through grass, mud bogging, and hill climbing; while the wide ratio first gear set delivers an amazing 50: 1 final drive ratio for climbing serious terrain.
1st Gear (close ratio): Spur/Pinion x 8.43=Final Drive Ratio
1st Gear (wide ratio): Spur/Pinion x 14.45=Final Drive Ratio
2nd Gear: Spur/Pinion x 5.22=Final Drive Ratio (same as single speed)

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