Venom 25C 7.4V 4100mAh 2S LiPo Hardcase Battery with Universal Plug VNR1557

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The heavy-duty 12AWG silicone wires and Venom Universal Plug System handle virtually any current load, while a hard plastic case protects the cells from all the abuse your vehicles can dish out. Choose from three different capacities to suit any need or budget.


  • Weight: 9 oz (255 g)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery)
  • Configuration: 2S1P
  • Dimensions: 138 x 46 x 24 mm / 5.43 x 1.81 x 0.94 in
  • Plug Type: Venom UNI Plug. Compatible with Traxxas Plug, Tamiya Plug, Deans Plug & EC3 Plug.
  • Lithium ELC in Grams: 2.46
  • Wire Gauge: 12 AWG Soft and Flexible Low Resistance Silicone Wire
  • Capacity: 4100mAh
  • Cell Count: 2s
  • Volts: 7.4
  • Charge Rate: 1C (4.1A)
  • C Rate: 25C
  • Continuous Discharge: 25C (103A)
  • Min Discharge Volts Per Pack: 6V
  • Max Burst Rate: 40C (164A)
  • Max Volts Per Cell: 4.2V
  • Max Volts Per Pack: 8.4V
  • Watt Hours: 30.34
  • Fits the Following Model(s): HPI 1/10 Sprint 2 Drift, HPI 1/10 Sprint 2 Sport, HPI 1/10 Desert Trophy, Duratrax 1/5 DXR500, Redcat Racing 1/10 Vortex EPX, Traxxas 1/10 Stampede 4x4 VXL, Kyosho 1/10 Fazer Subaru WRC Rally, Axial 1/10 AX10 Scorpion RTC, HPI 1/10 E10, Pro Boat Shockwave 26 BL RTR, Ofna 1/10 NEXX10sc, Redcat Racing 1/10 XB 10E, Losi 1/10 Readylift, Kyosho 1/10 Ultima DB, Schumacher 1/10 Mi4CX, Redcat Racing 1/10 Tornado EPX Pro, Schumacher 1/10 Mi1, HPI 1/10 Cup Racers, Pro Boat Formula FASTech BL Deep-V RTR, HPI 1/10 RTR Switch, Ofna 1/8 NEXX 8, Aquacraft Motley Crew, Traxxas 1/10 Slash VXL, Kyosho 1/8 DMT VE, Aquacraft UL-1 Superior Hydro, Redcat Racing 1/10 Volcano EPX and EPX Pro, Redcat Racing 1/10 Lightning EPX Pro, Associated 1/10 TC5R, Kyosho 1/10 TF-5 Stallion, Kyosho 1/10 RB-5 SP2, Kyosho 1/10 Porsche 911, Kyosho 1/10 Ultima RB-5 SP2 WC Edition, Duratrax 1/10 Evader EXT2 EP RTR, Losi 1/10 Speed T Brushless, Redcat Racing 1/8th Scale Backdraft 8E, Redcat Racing 1/6 Scale Shredder, Traxxas 1/10 Bandit, Associated 1/10 B44.1 Team EP Buggy Kit, Associated 1/10 TC4, Associated 1/10 T4, Axial 1/10 SCX10 4WD Kit w/Honcho, Associated 1/10 TC6 Factory Team Touring Car, Duratrax 1/10 Evader DT EP RTR, Ofna 1/10 JL 10e, Losi 1/10 Desert Truck, HPI RTR Mini-Trophy, Kyosho 1/10 TF-5S, Kyosho 1/8 Inferno VE, Kyosho 1/8 Inferno VE Race Spec, Redcat Racing 1/10 Caldera 10E, Kyosho 1/10 Ultima SC, Pro Boat Miss Elam 1/12 Hydro, Traxxas 1/10 Slash, Associated 1/10 RC10-B4.1, Redcat Racing 1/10 SC-10E, Redcat Racing 1/8th Scale Earthquake 8, HPI 1/8 Savage Flux HP, HPI 1/10 F10, Traxxas 1/8 E-Revo, Traxxas 1/8 E-Maxx, Losi 1/10 XXX-SCT 2WD, HPI 1/10 Brama 10B, HPI 1/10 Wheely King, Kyosho 1/10 Lazer ZX-5 SP, Losi 1/10 Strike, Losi 1/10 Night Crawler RTR/BND, HPI 1/8 Savage Flux 2350, Losi 1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD, Hot Bodies 1/10 Cyclone S RTR, Axial 1/10 Wraith Rock Racer RTR, Traxxas 1/10 Stampede, Kyosho 1/10 McLaren F1 GTR, HPI 1/10 Crawler King, Associated 1/10 RC10-B4, Kyosho 1/10 Ultima RT5, HPI 1/10 Sprint 2 Flux, Kyosho 1/10 Lazer ZX-5 Type 4, Ofna 1/10 JAMMIN SCRT 10, Losi 1/10 Twenty-Two, Ofna 1/10 HYPER10TT Truggy, Kyosho 1/10 TF-5 , Kyosho 1/10 Lazer ZX-5 Type 3, Kyosho 1/8 Mad Force Kruiser VE, Pro Boat WidowMaker 22 Deep-V 2.4 BL RTR, Pro Boat Blackjack 26 SS BL Catamaran RTR, Duratrax 1/5 Moto DX449, Associated 1/10 SC10, Pro Boat Mystic 29 Catamaran BL BND/RTR, Redcat Racing 1/8th Scale Aftershock 8E, Traxxas 1/10 Rustler, Traxxas 1/8 Summit, Associated 1/10 SC10 4x4, HPI 1/10 Blitz ESE, HPI 1/8 Savage Flux, Losi 1/10 Rockstar XXX-SCB, Kyosho 1/10 Aston Martin DBR9, Hot Bodies 1/10 TCX, Losi 1/10 Stronghold, Traxxas 1/8 E-Revo Brushless, Pro Boat Miss Geico 29 Catamaran RTR, Losi 1/10 High Roller, Ofna 1/10 JL 10e Drift, Kyosho 1/10 DBX VE, Kyosho 1/8 Inferno MP9e, HPI 1/10 Blitz, Kyosho 1/10 Rock Force, Kyosho 1/10 Ultima SC-R, Associated 1/10 RC10R5 Oval, Pro Boat Stiletto 29 BL Tunnel BND/RTR, Pro Boat Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR, Associated 1/10 RC10-T4.1, Ofna 1/10 HYPER 10sc

Review Summary


5 Stars Great Battery pack, Great Price

William from WI wrote (April 04, 2013):

This battery pack was suggested to me by a fellow e-bayer. It is an awesome power house for any LiPo application. And guaranteed for life. Also has a hard case on it to protect the battery its self.

5 Stars great product

jamie from SC wrote (January 11, 2013):

Excellent product for anyone looking for more punch than nimh batteries.

5 Stars good battrie

from FL wrote (January 08, 2013):

gives my car lots of power

5 Stars awesome battery

Christopher from wrote (August 16, 2012):

I love it more then my first lipo that only put out 20c continuous. A heavy case, and the awesome adapter plugs made this a great addition.

5 Stars POWER UP

ANDRE from MD wrote (May 30, 2012):