Atomik Vmg Fireball Micro 370P Motor ATK1320
VNR1320 Atomik Vmg Fireball Micro 370P Motor

Atomik Vmg Fireball Micro 370P Motor ATK1320

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This is Atomik’s Fireball Micro Motor for the HPI Micro RS4.

  • 370 can size
  • Motor wires and yellow micro RS4 connector
  • Capacitors soldered on motor
  • Performs best with NiCds or NiMH batteries
  • For the HPI Micro RS4

Atomik Fireball Micro Motor is raw power in its purest form. Our Fireball Micro Series modified motor is a perfect match for any micro sized vehicle. This 370-size motor packs plenty of power for micro racing or recreational driving. Built with the same standards as our regular Fireball modifieds, you won't be disappointed. Fits many of today's most popular micro sized R/C cars, trucks, planes, and helicopters.

One Atomik Fireball Micro Motor


Assembly onto your HPI Micro RS4

Note: This is the new product code, was VNR1320
Atomik doesn’t recommend using a pinion gear larger than 12 tooth. Using a larger pinion could result in overheating the motor and batteries.
Width: 24mm
Length: 42mm
Wires: 18awg
Bushings: Brass
Size: 370

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