Walkera Infra X UFO QR Ready to Fly Quad with Devo 4 Radio

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This is the Walkera Infrax UFO QR Quadcopter with a DEVO 4 transmitter included.

The Infrax UFO can now avoid obstacles automatically with infrared smart monitor system! When the flight distance is below the safe distance, the infrared with automatically avoid obstacles. The system is based on decreasing the Infrax's inertia and changing its flight tracking.

Walkera has had amazing success with their DEVO transmitters, and they now have an entry grade 4-Channel transmitter for beginners; there's no fancy functions, just basic control for all four channels. On the back of the DEVO 4 transmitter, you can flick the DIP switch to change each channel to NORMAL / REVERSE, and at the corner, there is a Dual Rate (DR) switch for slower flight, that's all you need for a 4-ch transmitter.
  • Sleek black or yellow color scheme
  • DEVO 4 transmitter included
  • The latest 6 axis stabilizing system ensures more stable flight
  • Infrared obstacle avoidance system helps aircraft avoid obstacles automatically
  • When turn off the IR Sensor and Infra Sensor switches,the Infra X can make beautiful curves by using only Aileron and Elevator and no Rudder.
  • Ideal for professional pilots as well as beginners!
  • Adopted Ultrasonic Altitude Hold system enables aircraft keep flying at relative height.

RX2457H-D Features:
  • Adopts 2.4G spread spectrum technology with automatic scanning, code pairing, and LED receiving indication
  • Integrated design of 6-axis gyro and altitude control provides precise locating in air
  • It can avoid obstacles automatically with infrared smart monitoring system
Dimensions: 10.8x10.8cm
Height: 6.2cm
Weight: 73g (battery included)
Motors (x4): HS-8520
Receiver: RX2457H-D
Battery: 3.7V 600mAh
Flight Time: 5-7 min
  • Walkera QR Infra X

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