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HPI Wheely King

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Viewing 1 - 6

HPI adds a whole new dimension to fun with the Wheely King! The HPI Wheely King is the first-ever true scale monster truck that features awesome wheelie action with every pull of the trigger! With a perfectly balanced weight distribution and a rear wheelie bar, easy controlled wheelies are part of the action every time you drive the Wheely King. The HPI Wheely King 4X4 is a true-to-scale monster truck that features full-time 4WD for maximum traction that allows it to go anywhere- From car crushing stadium monster truck action to rock crawling in the mountains, the Wheely King 4X4 can do it all. The Wheely King is the ultimate combination of true-to-scale monster truck looks and fun high-flying monster truck action, a joy to drive around tight, twisty terrain or down the street - The HPI Wheely King is all-out, car-crushing, wheels-in-the-air fun!