10 of the Best Places to Bash your Bandit

There's nothing like the thrill of shooting your RC car through a challenging course. Are you running out of ideas?

Don't let your Traxxas Bandit sit on the shelf and gather dust. Bring it out to play; we know you'll love these locales!

With all of these places, you'll need to check local laws for exactly what you can drive and when. Make sure to avoid children and pedestrians, and be safe.

It's also a good idea to bring extra parts, especially when you know the course will be challenging because your car will most likely incur damage.

The important thing is to have fun, though. The challenge of coming out the other side of a giant sand pit at the beach, or through a skate park course, is better than you bargained for! Read on!

1. RC Track

This may seem like a no-brainer, but check out your local RC track first. They often have multiple tracks and obstacles, and mastering them all is a great challenge.

Check to see if they have a punch card or rewards for members - if you are visiting often, the bonuses can add up!

2. Beach

Sand adds a whole new element. While you do need to prep your car for sand driving, it makes a great space because you can customize the course. Dig holes and pits of all shapes and sizes, and even dance with the waves a little. A good set of sand paddle tires is a must have!

You can even try a sand dune; this makes a great endurance test, especially if it's a big one. Make sure you have a fresh battery!

3. Parking Lot

Light poles and parking lines make great obstacle course elements. Sometimes there are even cones set out.

You can race with friends in a parking lot, or even just do a speed test if it's a big enough area. If you can find a lot that has just been redone with fresh asphalt, even better.

Nothing like driving on a fresh, smooth surface to get your heart going!

4. Skate Parks

The king of obstacles, skate parks are full of dangerous challenges for your RC car. Take your bandit over the quarter-pipes, half-pipes, ramps, curves, flatrails, funboxes, ledges, and all the equipment.

Just make sure to bring all the replacements parts you'll need, because a fall from high up can really put a damper on your afternoon. You might want to reserve this locale for a time when you've got some extra practice under your belt.

5. Industrial Parks

These are often empty, especially late in the day. If you're itching to find out how fast that Bandit can go, the long open roads are perfect straight shots to really let it loose.

Make sure to watch out for traffic, but give it a shot in an industrial area and you won't find disappointment.

6. ATV Trails

Check out your local ATV trails to find some great action.

You'll find some great jumps to get some real air on these trails. They are also hard packed dirt, so you can get real speed on the straightaways. We especially love the turns and hills they offer.

These are great locations for extreme driving!

7. Playgrounds

This one is a two-fer, because you can bring the kids and they can play while you have fun, too. Ever tried to drive your Bandit up a slide? The bumps on a roller slide are great, and getting your car up climbing equipment is a great afternoon.

8. County or State Parks

The best part about county parks or state parks is that they often have wooded trails, and wooded trails are au naturale. Little animals like snakes and chipmunks make holes to live it that your Traxxas Bandit can bump over.

The best part? Bridges over creeks, fallen logs, and other natural course obstacles that make the trail challenging.

To find a park near you, visit the US National Park Service's website, and search by your state. For county parks, most state's have their own listings. A quick internet search should return a list to get you started.

Most of these parks have hours dawn to dusk, so evenings are available for you to bring your car over.

Some even have grills - have dinner and take the car out! What could be better?

9. Dirt Bikers' Paradise

Why not try visiting a local dirt bike store and putting up a flyer? Dirt bikers love driving their RC cars, too, and often know of better tracks and courses!

You may even meet some buddies to race with this way, too.

10. Gravel Supplier

As with any of these, make sure to get permission. But if you ask first and they say yes, you are golden. The gravel adds a different element than sand, and the hills are often steeper than the dunes at the beach.

Most suppliers have different materials like crushed stone, sand, or gravel, so you can try them all out to see how your Bandit performs. Sounds like a great day!

Drive All Day

These suggestions have you itching for action?

Whether your Traxxas Bandit is a new toy or an old friend, we've got you covered. You've got a whole list of places to drive, and it's time to get out there and get some racing action.

Need new parts or supplies for all the fun? Check us out, and make sure to come back and let us know what you thought of our ideas!