7 Traxxas Remote Control Cars You Should Consider Buying This Summer

Are you looking for the ultimate in car racing fun? If so, you'll need to hold those horses and do a bit of research.

There are plenty of remote control cars to choose from, but you don't want mediocre, do you? Of course not, you want the best!

Impress your buddies by showing up with the best car in town. How? All you've got to do is compare.

Comparing all the available RC options out there would take you forever though, so we're offering a shortcut. Keep reading to learn about seven Traxxas remote control cars you should consider buying this summer!

1. Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck

Are you ready for the ultimate racing performance? Look no further than the Traxxas Slash 4X4 Platinum 1/10 Electric 4WD Short Course Truck.

If corners are your thing, you'll love this truck. With a steering response speed unlike any other, you'll zip around corners in a flash.

You'll love the higher speeds that come with this truck, too.

Enjoy total visual customization, thanks to a clear body. Once you've completed your design, and added your radio system and the required batteries, you'll be all set for endless adrenaline racing.

2. Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Electric Buggy RTR with ID Technology

This Traxxas RC won't set you back as much when it comes to cash, but that doesn't mean it packs any less of a punch. If you're looking for fun, you'll definitely find it with the Bandit.

It may be only 1/10 scale, but this little dude is just as impressive as the real deal.

Complete with iD Technology, this buggy is part of a whole new class. You won't believe the enjoyment that comes from taking this out for a spin.

This RC really has it all. All you'll need to supply is batteries (4 AA), and building and track equipment.

3. Traxxas 1/18 LaTrax Rally Waterproof RTR

Oh man, oh man, you will love this car! Get your rally racing on with this 1/18 scale Traxxas LaTrax Rally.

Thanks to 2.4GHz technology, this car's performance won't deteriorate, even if you let it run out to long range tracks.

Do you like to race through the rain? Well, you can do it with this car. Totally waterproof, the car will stand its ground against the elements.

Intimidate your opponents with this muscular yet sleek design. This car comes with everything you need for a great night of racing, even the batteries!

4. Traxxas Rustler XL-5 with ID Technology and AC Charger

This best-selling favorite is the best of the best! You'll love every minute with it. The Traxxas Rustler XL-5 is built for fun, and it doesn't skimp on the details.

This RC features a Titan 12-Turn modified 550 motor and can reach up to 35 miles per hour!

If you're looking for an all-weather, all-terrain RC this is it. Whether you're racing in snow, puddles, dirt, or on the pavement, you'll show the competition who's boss.

5. Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor 1/10 2WD RTR with TQ 2.4GHz

Do you love yourself a big truck? Well, look no further than the Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor! It may be just as much fun as having an actual truck.

This 1/10 scale 2017 Ford Raptor replica will let you go wherever you want. All electronic parts are waterproof, so you won't even have to worry about the weather.

You'll love the Titan 12-Turn motor and XL-5 electronic speed control. It may just be too fun to be allowed.

This replica, complete with side view mirrors, is perfect for anyone with an actual Ford Raptor. It makes a great gift for a child who wants the same vehicle as mom or dad!

6. Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck with TQ 2.4GHz Radio System

Are monsters and intimidation your thing? Then we've got the perfect RC for you. Check out the Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck.

This truck comes completely ready to run and ready to wipe out the competition. Speed right over shorter vehicles at more than 30 miles per hour if you want to.

Is it up for plowing through snow? Yep!

How about eating through the grass? Absolutely!

Take your race wherever you fancy with this waterproof, all-terrain monster of an RC. Just don't forget the batteries and a charger!

7. Traxxas Summit 1/16 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck

And for all you extreme terrain racers out there, we can't forget the Traxxas Summit. You've got to check this one out!

The Traxxas Summit Extreme Terrain Monster comes ready to run and ready to beat down all competition. Drivers will love the torque that pretty much has no bounds.

Do you love to freak out your competition by accelerating with a powerful tire screech? Well, then, by all means, do it! Because this RC can.

Four-wheel-drive allows the Summit to take on any terrain, even those that seem impossible. Push the limits, and see just how far it can go. You can even race at night, thanks to its LED lights!

The Ultimate Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars open up a whole world of fun that can't be found anywhere else. You get the thrill of a real race without needing thousands of dollars and a full-sized car!

Whatever kind of RC racing you enjoy, Traxxas has you covered.

From rugged and intimidating to sleek and jaw-drop worthy, there's a perfect RC out there for you.