Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24 View larger

Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24


This is the Rockslide Rs10 Xt Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4Ghz...

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More information about Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24

Redcat Racing's RS10 has been proven to be one of the best values in the crawler market today. Thousands have been sold all over the world for a reason and once you get your hands on this vehicle you will see why. Full action 4 wheel steering with the included 3 channel 2.4GHz remote, allows you to make changes to your steering configuration on the fly with the touch of a button.

Get ready for the rock crunching, boulder stomping, stone slamming Rockslide RS10, 1/10th scale rock crawler! Challenge the laws of gravity with one of the most popular vehicles in the Redcat lineup, the ready-to-run Rockslide RS10 rock crawler. Complete with front & rear multi-link suspension, front and rear transmission, two high-torque electric brushed motors, crawler specific ESC, and multi-select 4 wheel steering, the Rockslide RS10 is ready to climb.

Stop guessing how much brake to apply to stay on that slope! With the Rockslide RS10’s crawler specific electronic speed controller, It applies the brake for you with exactly enough force to keep the Rockslide still, even on the toughest climbs. 4-mode 4 wheel steering is easily accessible with the touch of a button. Switch steering modes on-the-fly for front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four wheel steering, and four-wheel crab steering. Steer your way through all obstacles with quick mode on-the-fly steering!

Weighted bead-lock rims ensure the tires remain firmly mounted while navigating the most difficult obstacle courses. Quickly changing tread patterns is a breeze with Redcat's bead-lock rims. Aggressive bead lock rock crawling tires, four aluminum capped oil filled shocks, complete ball bearings throughout, and a three channel 2.4GHz Radio all make this 4X4X4 super crawler more than ready to navigate the most extreme terrain! This ready to run rock crawler is complete with rechargeable battery, mounted low on the chassis for performance, battery charger, and 3 channel 2.4GHZ radio system. The Rockslide RS10 has proven to be one of the best values in the rock crawler market today!


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
  • Three channel 2.4GHz Radio
  • Crawler specific ESC
  • Weighted bead-lock rims
  • Bead-lock rock crawling tires
  • Four aluminum capped oil filled shocks

Specifications for Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24

Main Category

R/C Vehicles

Vehicle Type

Rock Crawler



Power Type

Electric Power

Build Type

Ready to Run

Skill Level

Skill Level 1

Product ID



Manufacturer does not allow discount coupons on this item.
Motor Type Quantity: 2 - Electric Brushed 70T 390
Transmission: Forward and Reverse With 4-Wheel Steering 
Drive: System 4 Wheel Drive 
Length: 445mm 
Width: 268mm 
Height: 148mm 
Wheelbase: 315mm 
Chassis Type: Aluminum 
Shocks: Aluminum Capped Oil Filled 
Speed Control: Crawler Type Auto Hill Braking 
Battery: 7.2v 1800mAh Included with Charger 
Radio System: 2.4GHz 3 Channel
  • Front & rear multi-link suspension
  • Front and rear transmission
  • Two high-torque electric brushed motors
  • Multi-select 4-wheel steering; Front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel crab steering
  • Complete ball bearings throughout
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Reviews (11)

Reviews for Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24

W Cameron


Great Car

This crawler can climb up anything

D Robert


I can dig it!

Rad rock crawler! Again, new to the RC world but I'm dumbfounded by what this thing can do. Great for rock crawling, hill climbing, nearly anything I can throw at it. There are some very easy mods you can do, depending on your driving style. But this thing is quite powerful, rugged, and with 4 wheel steering, it's hard to find places it couldn't conquer.

"woody "


"I currently own 4x4 traxxas rally and a stampede. This truck worried me because the price was so low. I bought it and still cant believe the quality of this machine. The remote alone is worth over a hundred. The 4 wheel steering is amazing and out proforms my sons wraith by the fact it is 4 wheel steering. All I can say is it is well worth the 150 if nothing else then a platform to build from when or if components start failing. Good work redcat"

"sabrina Schembri"

"redcat racing rockslide"

"Nice and good product"

"Longboat key crawler "

"Perfect crawler"

"After buying this crawler I was pleasantly surprised withy the ability it had to crawl the rocks. Don't buy this thing for speed. It has great torque a lot of flex in the suspension. Be sure to buy some cheap aftermarket servos and your good to go."

"jeff massey"

"Love It"

"this is my wifes truck.4 wheel-steering with the 4wheel-drive and this will go any-where"

"woody "

"great crawler at any level"

"I bought this crawler after buying 2 racers. I thought what could you expect for 150 but was supprised. Note....any of the aftermarket bodies that fits the traxxas stampede fits this crawler. Have a 1950's body on mine and looks great. 4 wheel steering will never get one without. Great buy"

"Anon "

"Good entry level truck! First Run."

"Good torque, very peppy for a crawler. Everything worked right out of the box. Shipped a little earlier than expected. Be aware that you may have to adjust and tighten the lower shock mounts, and do the same with the motor mounts prior to running."

"Joshua Borowski"

"Don't believe the hype"

"This redcat is a true crawler. With all the haters out there saying the wraith and gmade are few of the "real" crawlers out there. But the RS10 is designed to devastate the rocks. With a few modifications this crawler will run with the best of them. A few definite after market products you'll need are 2x metal gear servos, new tires/foams (stock rims work great so don't buy new ones), and wheel weights or make your axle/knuckle weights (I machined my own)"

"Carl S."



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Q&A (9)

Questions and answers about Redcat Racing Rockslide RS10 XT Crawler 1/10 Scale Electric 3-Channel 2.4GHz REDROCKSLIDE-RS10-XT-24

From Customer | 2016-10-16 19:58:45

Does this truck have 1.9 or 2.2 wheels and tires?


This comes equipped with 2.2 sized wheels and tires.

From Customer | 2016-06-07 09:47:49

Does this have rear steering?


This has full action 4 wheel steering. With the included 3 channel 2.4GHz remote it allows you to make changes to your steering configuration on the fly with the touch of a button.

From Customer | 2016-06-07 09:02:13

How fast does it go?


Approximately 4-6 MPH.

From Customer | 2016-02-24 08:35:53

What lights would fit this rock crawler best? Can you buy any winches on this rock crawler? If so, what would be the best wireless?


The LED kits and winches are pretty universal but we would recommend the INTC23455 LED kit and then the INTC25875SILVER winch.

From Customer | 2016-02-21 09:59:32

Can you fit any lights on that car?


Yes the LED kits are universal and can be adapted and mounted on pretty much any RC.

From Customer | 2016-02-13 18:03:04

Can you run LiPo's with the stock ESC?


We are not able to find any notification that this ESC has a lipo cut off so we would not recommend using lipo packs with this stock ESC.

From Customer | 2016-01-21 15:10:29

My sons Rockslides rear steering broke the box that has the steering slide that turns the tires. He said the box was smoking. Will you please tell me what to buy to fix it.?


It sounds like you will need the servo which is part # REDHX-15CS

From Customer | 2015-11-23 18:06:37

What aluminum c hubs would fit this crawler? The plastic doesn't hold up.


Unfortunately redcat doesn't make any aluminum c-hubs for that crawler.

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