A Guide to Traxxas Slash Parts and Upgrades

If you just scored your first Traxxas Slash or have one you want to upgrade, here are some tips on the best Traxxas Slash parts and accessories to consider.

Since Traxxas debuted its flagship short-course 1/10th scale electric truck in 2008, the Traxxas Slash has wheeled its way up to one of the top-selling remote control cars of all time. And as the community ate up both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, Traxxas slash parts became the next hottest thing flying off hobby shop shelves.

With 11 years to craft and recraft every part available for this TORC inspired race truck, there are no shortages of parts to make your slash exactly how you want it. Stay tuned to find some of the best Traxxas slash parts for every discipline and price range.

Tech Advancements

The Traxxas Slash is on its 11th year of production. Through the years, different variations of the model have been produced and marketed to the imaginations of many. From a back yard bashable ready-to-run time killer to a championship race rig, the Slash has proven to be a platform that is here to stay.

Evolving from the previous Traxxas Rustler, the Slash was Traxxas's robust answer to the more scale-looking short-course remote control market. Both the two and four-wheel drive models sold like wildfire and laid the framework for imaginative variations of the model.

Some of the biggest names in the full-size short-course race series laid their names and products on the factory lexan of the Slash. From Fox Racing to Robby Gordon, the Slash has appealed to race fans of every generation.

The Slash was produced as a relatively simple platform with parts that could be easily replaced. And it doesn't take much time, effort or funds to fix these trucks. Like any remote-control car, parts break when you are having fun. A-arms, caster-blocks, shock-towers and steering knuckles can fail when being reckless as they are made of plastic.

But plastic is a blessing in disguise. See, it's better to break cheap parts than to leverage other more expensive parts into breaking. Though these parts can break, the factory Slash parts are quite robust and make the truck surprisingly lightweight. This means less momentum and force is put on the parts when landing jumps and clipping curbs (we all do it).

Those that find themselves breaking the same parts repeatedly opt for aftermarket options to put an end to short sessions. And that is why you are here. So what products are available after 11 years of Slash bashing?

Well, there is no better time than now to invest in parts for this little rig. The last few years have pushed plastics, metals, and compounds far beyond the capabilities that were previously attainable.

CNC technology is only getting better. 3D printing has paved the way for structural feats that save every last gram of weight. And new methods of production are still being put to use in the development of Traxxas slash upgrades. Let's look at what's available today for the Traxxas Slash!

Choosing Traxxas Slash Parts

Let's start by looking at a series of commonly broken parts on the Traxxas Slash. Ask any Slash enthusiast and you will get the same census: A-arms, linkages, and steering parts! Now there is more that goes into the breaking of these parts than just strength alone. The overall weight of your Slash contributes to the vulnerability of the parts.

Luckily enough, you can convert the stock Traxxas plastics over to Traxxas aluminum steering knuckles, caster blocks, and axle carriers. However, these flashy, ultra strong metal parts will be a bit more costly than other options.

If you are operating within a tighter budget, RPM is the next best thing. These plastic replacement parts are designed with more structural integrity and fetch only a few more dollars than stock Traxxas parts.

Handfuls of randomly converted RPM parts are necessary to keep up with bashing and stunts over time. And the weight is still incredibly low, keeping your overall torque on other parts down and saving you future setbacks.

Keeping your Slash wheeling where you want it can be handled by numerous parts offered by an array of companies with years of experience in both enthusiast bashing and the racing scene. Make your truck your own by finding the right look, shape and colored parts to make your truck unique. Breaking parts is inevitable, and you can never be too sure which ones you might need to replace. Sure enough, you can find it at Rcplanet.

Internal Longevity

Chassis parts can be one of the most fun and easiest upgrades you can do to your Traxxas Slash. Though these parts can really do you some good, it is useless if your truck doesn't have power to the wheels.

The Traxxas Slash can, in fact, be built with no factory parts what so ever. Every last piece if the truck can be swapped for a different manufacturer, material or style. When looking at the heart and soul of the Slash, there are a few things that stand out as the biggest changes or improvements you can make.

First, we look at the battery. If you have been around remote control vehicles, you know the power LiPo batteries bring. This item is pretty strictly price based, with the more expensive batteries providing more power and/or longevity. Next is the brushless motor. Better torque, speed, and overall power can be gained with a solid brushless system.

However, overall speed and power you want from your truck differs from person to person and should be considered after stock parts leave you broken or wanting. What is the best way to keep these goods safe? Well after years of Traxxas fans flipping there slash with every spirited turn, Traxxas released what's known as the Low Center of Gravity Chassis. This conversion you can do to your truck not only offers a more realistic style but significantly reduces the likelihood of ending up on your lexan.

Different Parts for Different Driving

Whether you are looking to build the brightest, toughest rig you can imagine, or just want to keep your truck together through the life of a battery, we have the parts that will get you there, whether they're Traxxas slash parts or something else.

Get creative and don't be afraid to drive the way you want! RC Planet has the parts you need for any budget and driving style. Search our selection of Traxxas, RPM, ProLine, and Trinity, among many other brands offering the highest quality upgrades for your Traxxas Slash!