DuraTrax Powerpole Connector (10 pr) DTXC2301


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DuraTrax Powerpole Connector (10 pr) DTXC2301

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Powerpole Connectors are designed for use where repeated connect-disconnect cycles and low resistance are required between batteries, motors, etc.


  • Silver plated contacts are spring loaded
  • Self-cleaning spring loaded design gives a positive, low resistance connection which results in increased performance and longer run times
  • Electronic Speed Controls will also operate cooler and last longer
  • In addition to performance gains, Super Connectors are less costly because they do not loosen with use and have to be replaced
  • Failsafe modular housings are impossible to connect backwards

Includes: Ten Red Connectors, Ten Black Connectors, Twenty Silver Contacts and Instruction Sheet

Average Contact Resistance (mated pair): 600 microhms (5/8 #12awg)
Weight of (mated pair): 0.115oz
Current rating (2 pair): 30amp #12awg
Voltage Rating: 600V
Wire Size: #12-16awg