Traxxas Wire Harness Parallel Battery TRA3064X


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Traxxas Wire Harness Parallel Battery TRA3064X

More information about Traxxas Wire Harness Parallel Battery TRA3064X

This is the Traxxas wire harness with a parallel battery connection (ID compatible). Only the Traxxas Y-harness lets you utilize two batteries for increased power or extended runtime with the performance and convience of authentic 2nd generation Traxxas High-Current Connectors. With the parallel harness you are able to take advantage of the capacity from two batteries to acheive extra-long runtimes! Dual-battery operation requires attention to precautions outlined in the model's owners manual. Follow all precautions to assure peak performance and reliability of your model and batteries. Traxxas parallel and series Y-harnesses are for use with 2/3A battery packs only.


  • Connects two batteries in parallel to the Electronic Speed Control
  • 16AWG wire size
  • Traxxas High-Current connectors with gold plated terminals

1x Wire Harness Battery Series Connector

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