Venom Tamiya To Mini-Tamiya Reversed VNR1698


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Venom Tamiya To Mini-Tamiya Reversed VNR1698

More information about Venom Tamiya To Mini-Tamiya Reversed VNR1698

This is the Venom Tamiya to Mini-Tamiya Reversed. Due to the overwhelming demand for quality Airsoft batteries, Venom has taken its industry leading technology and experience to the Airsoft market.
One issue has always been that the batteries for airsoft guns are wired opposite of the way batteries are for the radio control industry, making it quite difficult to charge. Venom has solved this problem with their Tamiya Female to Mini Tamiya Male Reversed plug. This quick and easy adapter is designed to work by clipping onto the standard Tamiya charge plug, which is standard on most chargers on the market. The Mini Tamiya plug on this adapter is wired backwards and is clearly marked with a tag indicating the polarity, so there’s not any guesswork when hooking it up to the charger.

Connector Type: Tamiya
Battery/Charger Accessories: Adapters
Wire Size: 16 AWG
Length: 3.94 in (100 mm)
Charge Connector: Male Mini-Tamiya