Blade Inductrix Switch Air BLH8300C

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Ready to Fly
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Electric Power
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Skill Level 1
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Blade Inductrix Switch


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This is the Blade Inductrix Switch Air. One of the most unique products on the market, the Blade® Inductrix® Switch is truly the best of all worlds. This Innovative design builds off the successful Inductrix platform with an exclusive snap-together design that quickly changes from a micro drone into a hovercraft! It's literally two vehicles in one! Hovercraft mode allows you to drive on multiple surfaces and with a simple stick command transforms into a flying drone.

The durable molded plastic design and foam skirt can take punishment for worry-free flights and drives. Programmable LED lights make racing fun. Better yet, everything you need to start flying and driving is included in the box and a wide-variety of parts available means repairs are easy. What's more, the Switch now comes with the wing set needed to convert it into a Switch Air!

The Blade® Inductrix® Switch Air expands on the popular Inductrix Switch hovercraft's versatility, going from quadcopter to flying wing literally in a snap. The Switch Air features the same modular, snap-together design of the Switch hovercraft that is exclusive to the Blade brand. Both the Switch and Switch Air are literally two models in one, transforming from one mode to another in seconds using simple stick commands. No tools or wiring changes are required. You don't even have to unplug the battery! It's easy for beginners and experienced users alike.

Even in Wing Mode, the Inductrix Switch Air is perfectly suited for flying indoors in tight areas. No "runway" space is needed. Thanks to its VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capabilities, you simply rise to a hover, then push the sticks forward and start flying. When you're ready to land, slow and descend like you would with a drone. The Inductrix Switch Air can also be flown outdoors in very light winds.

SAFE® stabilizing technology is available in all 3 modes, In Wing and Quad mode SAFE® provides self-leveling flight to give all pilots confidence at the controls. Limited pitch and bank angles prevent over-control. In Hovercraft mode it provides you with 2 different stick modes. One-Stick mode to keep it simple, and tw-stick mode to give you improved control.

Now you can enjoy three modes of RC action without buying another model!


  • Blade Inductrix Switch RTF
  • Blade Inductrix Switch Air Wing Set
  • 2.4GHz 4-Channel Transmitter
  • 1S 25C 150mAh LiPo Battery
  • 1S USB Li-Po Charger
  • Four AA Batteries
  • User Manual


  • Hovercraft, Inductrix®, and Switch Air all-in-one - Modular design makes it easy to change modes quickly.
  • The Switch Hovercraft now comes with the Switch Air wing set included for maximum fun!
  • In Quad and Aircraft mode, SAFE® Technology makes flying easy even for beginners
  • Aircraft mode can be flown indoors!
  • Durable foam wing design easily survives bumps and crashes
  • Molded plastic Inductrix body makes bumps worry free
  • Blade® MLP4DSM 4CH Transmitter, 2.4GHz
  • Converts between Quad and Hovercraft Modes as well as Quad and Wing Modes in seconds with stick commands
  • Programmable LED lights


Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required
Approximate Flight Time: 4 minutes
Completion Level: Ready-To-Fly
Flying Weight: 0-250g, 1.3 oz (38 g)
Height: 2.4" (60 mm)
Length: 4.7" (119 mm)
Main Frame Material: Plastic
Main Motor Type: Brushed
Motor Size: 0.24" (6 mm)
Propeller Size: 1.2 " (30 mm)
Recommended Motor Battery: 1s 200mAh
Skill Level: Level 1
Type: Multirotor with replacement wing
Width: 4.7" (119 mm)

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