JConcepts Aero Stabilizing Rear Wing for the B5M JCO0152


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Associated RC10 B5M
JConcepts Aero Stabilizing Rear Wing for the B5M JCO0152

More information about JConcepts Aero Stabilizing Rear Wing for the B5M JCO0152

This is the JConcepts Aero rear wing for the Team Associated B5M. One of the most important pieces for a 1:10 scale off-road buggy's performance is the rear wing. Drivers search far and wide for the optimal balance between forward stability and steering. With a combination of a leading edge that drops below the mounting point, a center channel that's just narrow enough for the B5M wing mount assembly but drops the wing at just the correct height and position, and side-dams with large openings for tire clearance and expansion, the new B5M Aero wing has been designed to be the best of the best.

Not only is it expertly designed, it has also been proven on the track. Driver Paul Wynn recently secured a victory in the Super Cup Championship Series while using the Aero on his B5M. When asked about his thoughts on the Aero he replied - Predictability is so important in today's racing and especially in the indoor high-grip conditions. It's important to hit the correct driving lines each lap to minimize mistakes and the Aero wing helped me reached the top step on the podium. So race like a pro and get your Aero rear wing today!


  • Innovative design
  • Durable material
  • Clipped rear corners minimize breakage
  • Large openings for tire clearance and expansion
  • Industry first, forward gurney option
  • Pro-level height and rake angle
  • 1/10th off-road wizardry