Pro-Line Trifecta Wing Black 1/8 Buggy Truck PRO624903


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Team Losi 8IGHT-T E
Pro-Line Trifecta Wing Black 1/8 Buggy Truck PRO624903

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This is the Pro-Line Black Trifecta Wing for 1/8 Scale Buggies and Trucks.

The Pro-Line Trifecta Wing combines everything that serious 1/8 scale racers are looking for: Style, Performance, and Durability. From the moment that you put this wing on your vehicle, you’ll be amazed at the increase in high-speed stability and rear traction.

The Trifecta Wing features a futuristic, yet aggressive design, with large center fins for maximum stability when you need it most. This wing comes with two optional wickerbills (small and large), allowing you to tune the performance of the wing to your liking. Underneath the main plate, there are 3 dimples that hang down on each side creating a “golf ball aerodynamic effect”, increasing low speed down force and reducing high speed drag.

Wings take a beating with each crash, so Pro-Line designed the Trifecta Wing to be up for the challenge. Be on the cutting edge of 1/8 scale wing technology with Pro-Line’s Trifecta Wing!

One Pro-Line Black Trifecta Wing with twi Wickerbills (2 pcs), Wickerbill Hardware: M2.5 x 8 BHCS (4 pcs) and M2.5 Locknuts (4 pcs), and Wing Decals

Installation onto vehicle
  • Increase Rear Traction and Downforce
  • Included Optional Wickerbills Provide Performance Tuning
  • Industry First Aerodynamic Effects Under the Wing
  • Unmatched combination of Performance, Style and Durability
  • Large Center Fins for Maximum High Speed Stability
  • Made in the USA, since 1982
  • Reduce High Speed Drag