Pro-Line Wing Kit Pro-TC 190mm TC (2) PRO172000


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Pro-Line Wing Kit Pro-TC 190mm TC (2) PRO172000

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This is the new Pro-Line Pro-TC Wing Kit for 190mm Touring Cars, (2).


  • Ultimate aerodynamic tuning option
  • Two different downforce levels for fine tuning
  • Pulled in genuine heavyweight .040” Lexan
  • Extra stiff for added downforce and durability
  • For 190mm Touring Cars

Pro-Line and PROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for your 190mm electric touring car. The Pro-TC kit was formed from extra-stiff .040” Lexan for low deflection under high downforce loads; giving you added durability during unwanted tumbles.

In development, Pro-Line and PROTOform combined the input of their world-class team of drivers with their 20 years of aerodynamics experience. Each Pro-TC kit includes two wings with different levels of downforce –standard downforce and high downforce – and four endplates.

The Pro-Line/PROTOform Pro-TC Wing Kit meets all IFMAR/BRCA/ROAR body standards and fits all 190mm PROTOform bodies. In order to save weight from the extra thick lexan and to keep your center of gravity low, Pro-Line recommends leaving your wing unpainted.

Two Pro-Line/PROTOform wings with four endplates

Width without endplates: 7.28 ? (185mm)
Chord/Depth: 1.57? (40mm)
End Plate Width: 1.57? (40mm)
End Plate Height: 0.787? (20mm)
Weight: Approx. 10 grams