Traxxas Team Decal Set TRA9950


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Traxxas Team Decal Set TRA9950

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This is the Team Traxxas decal set for R/C Traxxas.


  • These decals are designed to be used on any scale lexan R/C car and truck bodies
  • Pressure sensitive, peel and stick vinyl decals
  • Decals include: yellow, black, red, purple and yellow/orange Traxxas logos, Traxxas from Start-to-Finish (checkered flags) logos, TRX logos, two fuel fillers, four hood pins
  • Multi-purpose decal set is appropriate for any type of car

Includes: One Team Traxxas decal set

Length: 12-1/4 (31.1cm)
Width: 9-1/4 (23.5cm)