DuraTrax Onyx 150 AC/DC Balancing LiPo Charger DTXP4195


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DuraTrax Onyx 150 AC/DC Balancing LiPo Charger DTXP4195

More information about DuraTrax Onyx 150 AC/DC Balancing LiPo Charger DTXP4195

This is the DuraTrax Onyx 150 AC/DC Balancing LiPo Charger. The DuraTrax Onyx 150 joins the top-selling line of chargers available on the market! The Onyx is an ideal choice for modelers who want an economical and easy answer to balancing and charging 1-3S LiPo packs. Compact and AC/DC compatible, the DuraTrax Onyx 150 can be used just about anywhere. Simply plug it in, set the charge rate, and hook up a pack. The Onyx 150 starts and stops charging automatically and built-in balancing and cc/cv charging ensure that each cell reaches its maximum voltage.

1x Duratrax Onyx 150 AC/DC LiPo Charger
1x Duratrax 3S Balancing Plug with 2S Adapter
1x Traxxas Battery Adapter
1x Instruction Manual

All errors are displayed by an orange LED. See the error code reference chart located in the instruction manual or on DuraTrax's Website.
Once the Onyx 150 has finished charging, the red LED will flash repeatedly in conjunction with audible tones.
After the flashes and tones stop, the red LED will continue to flash once for each cell connected.

  • Compact switching power supply and AC and DC power cords for charge-anywhere convenience
  • Switch-selectable charge rates for 1-3S LiPo power and radio packs
  • Sound cues for simple setup and a tri-color LED constantly shows charge status
  • Charges 1-3 LiPo cells only
  • Ninety-minute safety timer
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Reverse polarity and current overload circuitry
  • Star Plug male connector, Traxxas adapter, and universal radio jack for 1-3S LiPo receiver packs
  • Comes with Duratrax 3S balancing plug with 2S adapter, plus an adapter for Traxxas battery packs
  • FIVE YEAR warranty through Hobby Services (U.S.A. and Canada only) beginning at date of purchase
AC Input: 110V 60Hz, 50W
DC Input: 11-15V, 50W
Battery Type: 1-3 LiPo cells only (3.7-11.1V)
Battery Capacity Range: 100-7500mAh
Fast Charge Current: 1.5A, 3.0A, and 5.0A
Fast Charge Termination: cc/cv (based on 3.7V cell)
Fast Charge Safety Timer: 90 minutes
Output Connections: Attached lead with Deans? Ultra Plug? male connector, Traxxas? adapter and universal radio jack (for 1-3S LiPo receiver packs)
Input Connections: Attached AC lead and detachable DC lead with alligator clips
Balancing Connector: Duratrax 3S with 2S adapter
Balancing Accuracy: +/- 5mV per cell
Protective Devices: 90-minute safety timer, built-in cooling fan, reverse polarity, and current overload circuitry
Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.0 x 1.9 in (133 x 127 x 48 mm)
Weight: 12.6 oz (356 g)