Muchmore Racing Cell Master Platinum Charger Black MMRPTCTXC

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Muchmore Racing Cell Master Platinum Charger Black MMRPTCTXC

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This is Muchmore Racing's Cell Master Microprocessor Based Platinum Programmable DC Powered Charging/Discharging/Cycling System.

  • 16bit high resolution super linear current charger charges 1-8 cell NiCd/NiMH and up to three cell LiPo batteries
  • Six charging memories
  • Zero-delta peak cutoff
  • IC controlled ball bearing fans
  • Protection includes Input/Output, reverse voltage and short circuits shorted batteries, thermal overload and auto restart system when power fails
  • Output control pins for battery warmer or cooling fan stand
  • Muchmore's own false peak detection algorithm
  • Each six charge modes are customizable
  • Black back lit display with 16x2 characters, blue LED state indicator
  • Magnetic temperature probe
  • Autostart timer and auto restart system
  • 120 day limited warranty (through the manufacturer)

One Muchmore Racing Charging/Discharging/Cycler with charging and power wires with alligator clips, magnetic temperature probe and instruction manual

12V power supply such as the Muchmore Racing Power Master Mini (MMRP1056) or the Power Master World (MMRP1054)
Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.5 x 1.8" (124 x 114 x 47mm)
Weight: 17oz (482g)
Number of Cells: 1-8 NiCd/NiMH and 1-3 cell LiPo
Max. Charge Current: 0.1 - 10A adjustable (1A fixed for Lipos)
Discharge Current: 0.1 - 10A adjustable
Cut-off Voltage: 0.1 - 9.9V
Input Voltage: 10.0 - 16.0V
Charging Capability: 10 -9990mAh adjustable
Charging Modes: Peak & CTX charge, Trickle, Flex, Lithium
Trickle Charge Rate (after charge): 0.1A
Voltage Threshold/Delta Peak: Zero, 3 - 99mV
Flex Charge: 0 - 9level adjustable
Thermometer Sensor: 59 - 158 degrees Fahrenheit (15 - 70 degrees Celsius)
Keys: 4
Cooling: Ball bearing temp controlled dual fans