Traxxas 4 AMP DC Charger TRA2975


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Traxxas 4 AMP DC Charger TRA2975

More information about Traxxas 4 AMP DC Charger TRA2975

This is the Traxxas 4 AMP DC Charger.


  • Traxxas's iD technology automatically configures and optimizes charge settings for Traxxas iD equipped 6-7 cell NiMH batteries
  • Compatible only with Traxxas iD equipped NiMH batteries
  • Advanced peak detection
  • Thirty-day limited warranty through Traxxas beginning at date of purchase

Includes: Traxxas 4A DC Powered NiMH Battery Charger, 12V Automotive Power Socket and Instruction Sheet

Input Voltage: 12 - 16V DC
Output Voltage: 2 amps DC
Positive Input: Center Terminal
Negative Input: Side Terminals

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