Hot Stuff Glue 2 oz HOTHS-4

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Hot Stuff Glue 2 oz HOTHS-4

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This is a 2 oz. bottle of thin hot stuff glue. It's for experienced modelers. Hot Stuff is the Adhesive that started the Super Glue Revolution! It is not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or foam-safe CA.


  • Glue is water-thin and easily penetrates tight-fitting joints
  • One drop covers up to one square inch of joint area
  • Completely sets in ten seconds

Includes: One 2 oz. Bottle of Hot Stuff Thin Glue

Weight: 2 Ounces

Note: Keep out of reach of small children. Do not inhale or swallow. This does not fill gaps. Thin is Hot Stuff, thick is Super T and extra thick is Special T.

Weight: 2 Ounces