Jet Glue Brush-On Super Jet JET771

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Jet Glue Brush-On Super Jet JET771

More information about Jet Glue Brush-On Super Jet JET771

This is a bottle of brush-on Super Jet Medium CA from Jet Glue. Not safe for foam, use Epoxy or Foam-Safe CA for foam applications.


  • Medium formula will set in 10 sec, and bond parts in 20-30 seconds
  • Cures strong and quickly
  • A brush applicator that is attached to the cap

Includes: One 1/2oz (14.1g) bottle of Professional Grade Medium CA with brush-on applicator

Requires: Use a T-pin to open applicator tip

Note: Warning: Eye Irritant and Bonds Skin Instantly. Keep out of reach of children, use in well ventilated area. Store in a cool, dry location, with the cap on. To debond items, use Jet Desovle Debonding Agent.