Cool Power Sidewinder Pro 20% Nitro Fuel COOFSWP20Q

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Cool Power Sidewinder Pro 20% Nitro Fuel COOFSWP20Q

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This is a one quart bottle of Sidewinder Pro-Race Blend (20% Nitro / 10% Oil) model engine fuel by Morgan Fuels.

Includes: 1-One Quart Bottle of Sidewinder Pro-Racing Blend Fuel

Nitromethane: 20%
Castor Oil: 10%
Volume: 1 US Quart (0.95 Liters)

Note: Store in a cool, dry place and not in direct sunlight. It contains Methanol, Nitromethane and non-petroleum lubricants.

  • Sidewinder fuel is dyno-engineered from the ground up to give you crisp transition and ballistic top end
  • Contains MTEC combustion enhancer to make your engine start easier and run smoother
  • CP-07 reduces friction by as much as 85% causing less drag. This allows your engine to turn-up faster and higher
  • The high thermal stability base stock fluid won't break-down even under racing's severe conditions
  • Morgan's AAA Cleaner Castor oil helps to protect your engine with greater film strength and much higher load bearing capacity. Most racers notice a 20-30 degree drop in cylinder head temperature meaning less wear and more life for your engine
  • Film strength additives that act to prevent scuffing or scoring of metal parts
  • Extreme pressure additive that prevents sliding metal surfaces from seizing under conditions of extreme pressure
  • Compounded lubricant having the property of keeping insoluble matter in suspension thus preventing its deposition where it would be harmful. It also re-disperses deposits already formed
  • Anti-oxidants and igniters
  • Only Angus Nitrofuel used which is made in the USA
  • High Power Methanol has a minimum purity 99.97%; therefore, your engines run cooler and produce more power
  • Rust inhibitor for protecting lubricated metal surfaces against chemical attack by moisture
  • Anti-Foamer to help prevent bubbles from foaming in the fuel, and help your engine to run better at all settings
  • This fuel is red in color