O'Donnell 20% Nitro Racing Quart ODOP3320


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O'Donnell 20% Nitro Racing Quart ODOP3320

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Blended from the highest-grade methanol and nitromethane.

Delivers high thermal stability in racing engines with very exact tolerances — exclusive O'Donnellube™ synthetic oil package produces smooth idling and acceleration.

Reduces critical heat and internal engine wear.

Note: DANGER- Contains methanol and nitromethane. Keep away from heat or open flame. Cannot be made non-poisonous. Can cause blindness. Avoid contact with eyes. Use in well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Specially formulated fuel blend for competition radio controlled, glow powered cars and trucks.
  • Exclusive O'Donnellube synthetic oil package reduces heat and internal engine wear for smooth idling and improved acceleration