Custom Works Sticker Dirt Oval Front Tires (2) (HB)

Custom Works Sticker Dirt Oval Front Tires (2) (HB)
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Custom Works Sticker Front Dirt Oval Tires. These tires are recommended for dirt applications. Package includes two tires.

A note from Custom Works regarding Sticker tires setup and prep:
When developing the tires the idea was to bring the tires to the cars we already are running. That is to say we used the foam tire cars as we race them with the same setups, just bolting on trial tires and trying them. That is what you should also do when you give the tires a go, just bolt them on - however be prepared to change your driving style a little. Typically what has been best is lifting off throttle before the corner so that you can get back to gas sooner for the exit. The tires tend to roll a lot easier than the foams, so when you lift not a lot of momentum is lost but it helps the car transfer weight and make it cut hard into the corner. If you try to run these tires deep into the corner and blip the throttle on/off in the center you will probably push right past the exit or snap the car loose on exit, especially when brand new. (see tire break-in below)

As for the general handling of the car this is where your experience will vary depending on where you are coming from. Racers I had try the tires while testing who had very worn or chunked foam tires typically found the rubber tires easier to drive, more consistent, and their car was tighter. For those who run very well and do well with the foams they found that their car would turn very well into the corner but may tend to get a little loose off the corner. Typically this "loose" was the type where the car hooks toward the infield because the LR tire is spinning sometimes referred to as "diff'ing out". The other kind of loose where the car spins out in a loop or 180. This had only happened when the RR had too much spring, the car had run all thru the loose dirt off the racing groove, or when we were testing the tires with too firm an insert.

Setup choices to change the condition of how your car handles is very much the same as you would do for the foam tires. Using 1-2 pound softer front springs will make overall corner steering increase but invite diff'ing out on corner exit. Trying softer oil in the 25-35 wt range with M pistons will make for a quicker steering response but may invite "twitchy-ness" to the steering, Spacing the LR out when the car would "diff out" on exit will certainly correct this but will make car less prone to rotate fast thru the center of the corner. When in a choice of corner speed VS. chancing getting loose, do not risk the getting loose condition. Rear toe settings can also be adjusted as you would for foam tires but higher degrees of angle are less common to provide speed and comfort. Typically -2 to -3 degrees is the most common range on the LR, while on the RR starting with -1 on the toe is a good starting point and adjusting between -3 to +1.

Tire break-in and prep has been very simple and best when these guidelines are followed. To go from out of the package to the tire's best ability you will want to just scuff them in and not use any tire dope or additive in the beginning. You can easily scuff the tires by running 2-3 race runs on your local track if conditions there are fairly normal and dry. If your local track is very wet, slimy, or has no texture/abrasiveness it is advised to do 1/3rd speed laps on a smooth concrete or asphalt pad for no more than 1-2 minutes checking the tires every 30 seconds for wear. It is easy to over do the break in on these surfaces as the rubber material is not intended for these surfaces. The tires should wear slightly and show a "feather" off the trailing edge (left side) of the blocks especially the rear tires. At this point the tires are dedicated to the location on the car they are mounted. Best cleaning solutions found for the tires is just mild soapy water or Simple Green. Simple Green cleaner is great because it is very concentrated and you can dilute it down with water quite a bit and still do the job. Simply spray the tire wet and wipe off with a dry rag or old towel. At this point you have done all you need to do for the tires to perform very well.

Going beyond this point is when trouble and quicker tire wear is found. Products like "PB Blaster" will soften the tire and give a little more added grip but will increase tire wear. Go-karting products and other more severe tire preps tend to over soften the rubber, soak thru the rubber and break down the insert, and in a lot of cases make the overall performance of the tire decrease as it no longer rolls easily or maintains any round shape while under cornering load. Doping the tires before you ever run them have tended to make the right side facing edges of the tire will feather over top of the tire surface area and will create an un-driveable loose condition. This will only be solved by scuffing the tires in on concrete or smooth asphalt to wear away this unwanted feather to the point the tire is now over half worn out but still useable. Basically PB Blaster is a friendly enough tire prep but getting over involved with other items in an attempt for the "magic sauce" that will make the tire softer, tackier, gummy, or sticky will likely lead to a waste of time and money for you.....think of a kid with a melted ice cream cone in their hand, much the same thing a big waste and mess.

This product was added to our catalog on October 5, 2017