O.S. Engines .95AX Ring 61C E4040 OSM19120

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Engine Size:
.76 TO 1.2 - AIR
Fits Model:
Great Planes PT-17 Military
Fits Model:
Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D 60
Fits Model:
Top Flite T-34B
Fits Model:
Great Planes Escapade Sport
Fits Model:
Great Planes Super Stearman
Fits Model:
Great Planes Waco Biplane
O.S. Engines .95AX Ring 61C E4040 OSM19120

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O.S. Max 95 AX ABL Aircraft engine with muffler has the same mounting dimensions as the O.S. Max .75FX. Power Box muffler design provides more volume for increased power in a very compact shape. Angular head design offers increased surface area for better cooling. Ball bearing-supported crankshaft. 61C carburetor with diagonally placed needle valve eliminating remote needle valve placement. Two year limited warranty.


Aircraft blend fuel containing 5%-20% Nitromethane with at least 18% lubricant
Propeller: 14x8, 15x6-8, 16x6-8
Glow starter and field equipment

Displacement: 0.949 cu in (15.55cc)
Bore: 1.091" (27.7mm)
Stroke: 1.016" (25.8mm)
Practical RPM: 2,000-16,000 RPM
Power Output: 2.9 PS, 2.86 HP/15,000 RPM
Weight: Engine, 20oz (567g)
Weight: Muffler, 6.28oz (178g)
Recommended Props: 14x8, 15x6-8, 16x6-8
Crankshaft thread size: 5/16-24
Distance from center of engine to drive hub: 2.6" (66.6mm)
Height from crankcase bottom to top of cylinder head: 4" (102mm)
Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder head: 3.2" (81.3mm)
Width including mounting tabs: 2.4" (61mm)
Width below mounting tabs: 1.7" (42.6mm)
Width between mounting holes same side: 0.98" (25mm)
Width between mounting holes opposite side: 2" (52mm)
Diameter of muffler body: 1.8" (45mm)
Distance from Center of Engine to Exhaust Outlet: 4.4" (112mm)
Angle of muffler in relation to engine: 4?
High Speed Needle: 1.5 - 2 turns out from fully closed
Low Speed Needle: 2mm gap between the needle and spray bar at full throttle (looking down the neck of the carb)