O.S. Engines FT160 Twin Ring OSM36108

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Engine Size:
4 Stroke Engines
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Top Flite Stinson
O.S. Engines FT160 Twin Ring OSM36108

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O.S FT-160 twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine has 3-crankshaft ball bearings. 2-Camshaft ball bearings. Twin opposed cylinders. Ringed piston. Geared camshaft (geared timing). New Two needle carb. Two-year warranty. This product includes one assembled FT-160 twin engine. One motor mount with mounting hardware. One instruction manual w/decals and poster. One dual glow plug extension cable. One locking prop nut assembly. Two #F glow plugs (installed). One gauge tools set. One choke valve extension (rod).


4-Stroke fuel and AT LEAST 16% lubricant content. (Use fuels blended for 4-stroke engines, most 5%-15% fuels we carry meet these requirements)

Construction: Aluminum and Aluminum alloys
Displacement: 13.26cc (x2) or .809 cu in (x2)
Bore: 27.7mm (1.09")
Stroke: 22.0mm (.866")
Power Output: 2.0 BHP at 10,000 RPM
Weight: 1100g (38.8oz)
Practical RPM Range: 2,000 - 10,000 RPM
Length: 120mm (4.72") from backplate to front of the drive washer
Width: 196mm (7.72")
Height: 80mm (3.15")
Crankshaft Thread Size: 5/16-24
Suggested Props: 15x8, 16x6, 18x6, 18x7, 18x8, 20x6

Needle Settings
High Speed: 3.5 turns out from fully closed
Mixture Control (low speed): Flush with carb body, then 2 turns in