O.S. Engines .25XZ (P) ABC 21JN Slide OSM12520

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.16 & UP - CAR
O.S. Engines .25XZ (P) ABC 21JN Slide OSM12520

More information about O.S. Engines .25XZ (P) ABC 21JN Slide OSM12520

This is the 2-stroke O.S. Max 25XZ (P) 1/8 scale Truggy Engine.


  • Designed for 1/8 Scale Truggy Racing Competitions
  • Meets ROAR Regulations
  • ABC Piston and Liner Construction
  • Three Needle 21JN Slide Valve Carburetor
  • Ten Fin Blue Anodized Cooling Head with Inner Head Button
  • P3 Ultra Hot Turbo Glow Plug

Tech Specs:
Displacement: 0.25 cu in (4.09cc)
Output: 3.1 PS, 3.06 HP/33,000RPM
Bore: 0.689 (17.5mm)
Stroke: 0.669 cu in (17mm)
Practical RPM Range: 4,000-39,000 RPM
Weight: 13.05oz (370g)

Includes: OS Max Truggy Engine, 8mm Carb Reducer, Exhaust Gasket, Dust Cap Set, P3 Turbo and Instruction Manual

Fuel- 10-30% Nitro Content (20% for Break-in), Air Filter and Exhaust System depending on Vehicle