RB Products WS7 Turbo L2G Engine RBDE01006WS7

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Item # RBDE01006WS7
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Engine Size:
.16 & UP - CAR
RB Products WS7 Turbo L2G Engine RBDE01006WS7

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This is the RB Products RB Concept WS7 Turbo L2G Combo. In 2007 RB celebrated the 10th birthday of its European champion title and also 10 years of ongoing victories at the highest level of European and worldwide off road races in all categories. This success over the years is due to the continuous technical innovation that RB has brought to the RC world. The latest is a brand new L2G cooling head which fits the whole off road engine range. This Cutting Edge design lowers the weight to improve the cars handling, and the new shape increases the cooling efficiency thanks to the fins concentrated around the combustion chamber.

The world famous RB Concept World S7 is back in a brand new version. Frequently European Champion, 3 times World Champion and many times national champion, the RB Concept WS7T L2G is the most popular off Road engine in the world! The RB Concept WS7T L2G has a new re-enforced crankcase, and has also been re-looked at the baseline, for better stability and strength. It has the L2G low profile head which increases cooling efficiency and comes with a new Turbo combustion Chamber.

This new engine has a lot of exclusive features: the special RB Concept Coating, the new off Road Carburetor including extra stiffer and anodized body and interior steel rings plus a 8mm Venturi. RB Concept WS7T L2G also has a new backplate with improved gas flow and improved o-ring positioning. Keeping its smooth and rapid acceleration, the RB Concept WS7T L2G is the engine for those who want the power of the World Champion!

Includes: One RB Concept WS7 III Buggy Engine with turbo glow plug, slide valve carburetor, exhaust gasket, instructions, two header to crankcase springs

  • Eight port liner-seven intake, one exhaust
  • Tuned for off-road use Vacuum molded alloy crankcase
  • ABC construction
  • Bi-Turbo SQC (SQuare Concept) crankshaft designed with timing and gas flow for off-road conditions
  • Nylon body slide valve carburetor with 8mm venturi
  • Eleven fin orange colored aluminum L2G low profile cooling head
  • Double rubber shielded front crankshaft bearing
  • Aircraft grade alloy connecting rod
  • Pipe - Not Included

Displacement: 0.21cu in (3.48cc)
Bore: 16.42mm
Stroke: 16.42mm
Intake Ports: 7
Exhaust Ports: 1
Crankshaft: SPT/SG 13mm
Carburetor Intake Diameter: 9mm
Weight: 13oz (368g)

Carburetor Settings
Main Needle:
3.5 turns from closed
Idle Needle: 5 turns from closed