Dubro Exhaust Deflector .20 To .34 DUB696


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Dubro Exhaust Deflector .20 To .34 DUB696

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Made of heat resistant silicone, Dubro exhaust deflectors feature a 45 degree bend that directs exhaust residue out and away from your plane's finish. These attach to the exhaust outlet of the stock muffler with tie straps that are included.

This fits the following engines:

  • K&B .20-.28 Sportster
  • Irvine .20-.30 R/C (including MK II)
  • O.S. .20-.32 R/C (including FP, SF, FSR, LA, and FX)
  • O.S. .61-.1.20 FS
  • Royal .25 R/C BB, ABC
  • Super Tiger S-.25-.45 (including K series), G .40-.49

Features: This diverter will fit an exhaust outlet between 5/16 & 3/8.

Includes: One deflector and two tie-wraps, exhaust deflector and two tie straps