DAL Props 5X4.5 Propellers in Green DLP5045GR

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Item # DLP5045GR
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DAL Props 5X4.5 Propellers in Green DLP5045GR

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This is a pack of four 5x4.5 DAL indestructible Bluntnose propellers in green from DAL Props. The popular 5045 V2 blades now come in bluntnose form! Built for racing and extreme freestyle flying, the 5045 V2 Bluntnose props draw less amps than the 5045 Bullnose props without sacrificing power. Whisper quiet and efficient, these props are perfect for long tracks where battery life is favored over the high-torque of a tri-blade prop. The high-quality PC + glass fiber material is flexible and durable enough to survive crashes and clipping trees to keep the fun going for as long as possible!


  • Two blade, Pre-Balanced
  • PC + glass fiber material
  • Designed to be flexible, durable, and able to take a hit and keep going!
  • Available in several colors
  • Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mm
  • Usage: 210-285+ Frame

2x Clockwise Bluntnose Props
2x Counter-Clockwise Bluntnose Props