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HPI Temp Gun HPI74151

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HPI Temp Gun is a non-contact infrared thermometer for measuring temperature. Perfect for RC nitro and electric racers. Used as a serious diagnostic tool for tuning nitro and electric motors to maximum performance. Can be used to optimize handling by measuring track and surface temperatures resulting in faster lap times and extended engine
life. Easy to read large LCD readout screen. Ergonomic gun shaped design. Quick point-and-click temperature detection. Auto-shut-off mode for extended battery life. Instant Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion for extra versatility.

This product includes
HPI Racing Temp Gun
Pre-installed CR2032 battery.

Measurement Range: (-67 - +428)F or (-55 - +220)C
Operating Range: (14 - +122)F or (-10 - +50)C
Accuracy: +/- 0.6C
Responce Time: 1sec
D: S: 1: 1
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
Update Frequency: 1.4Hz
Dimensions: 113.0 X 39.4 X 36.5mm
Wave Length: 5um-14um
Weight (no battery): 37g
Weight (with battery): 40g
Mode: min, max, lock
Power Supply: CR2032x1
Battery Life: Typ.40hr Min.30hr



Measurement Range: (-67 - +428)F or (-55 - +220)C
Operating Range:
(14 - +122)F or (-10 - +50)C
+/- 0.6C
Response Time:
0.95 fixed