Hobbico Ultra-Tote Basic HCAP5015


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Hobbico Ultra-Tote Basic HCAP5015

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This is the Hobbico Basic Ultra Tote.

  • Easy to assemble with pictures and instructions
  • Divided drawer with Velcro lock safely stores tools and gear
  • Accepts nearly any Power Panel-or you can install Hobbico's Quick
  • Field Charger MkII (HCAP0290) instead to create a handy Field Charging Station
  • Made of 3/8 and 1/4 plywood
  • Shorter height lets the caddy fit more easily into your vehicle
  • Fuel shelf's corner braces and plastic belts hold your gallon can or jug securely in place while on the move

This Ultra Tote is a roomy Field Box that's also compact. This is the same box as the regular Ultra Tote, but it DOES NOT come with the cradles. This sleek, spacious caddy keeps field gear, fuel, tools, and other supplies organized and ready for travel.

All of the wood that is required, as well as all screws, nuts, knob for drawer, plastic strapping and Velcro

Med Thick CA glue
CA Accelerator Spray
Sand paper
Drill and bits (5/64, 1/8, and 3/16)
Screw Driver
Modeling knife
Masking Tape
Paint (Epoxy or polyurethane)
Width: 19"
Depth: 8"
Height: 13" (when fully assembled)