DuraTrax Ultimate Glow Starter D DTXP0315


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DuraTrax Ultimate Glow Starter D DTXP0315

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This is the D-size DuraTrax ultimate glo-starter. If one glo-starter battery goes dead, this system allows you to change batteries quickly at the field or track.


  • Versatile system consists of a glo-starter with a high impact polystyrene case that holds either a rechargeable NiCd (included) or a replaceable alkaline cell (not included)
  • Twist-and-lock socket attaches the starter securely onto glow plug with spring action strength

Includes: D-size DuraTrax ultimate glo-starter, one D-size NiMH battery and one AC charger (US Standard)

Requires: Charging the NiMH battery initially at 12-14 hours. Future charging time is approximately 10 hours (do not attempt to charge alkaline batteries).

Note: Charge only the included NiMH battery. Do not attempt to charge the glow starter if alkaline battery is installed, damage to the charger and battery may occur.

Glow Starter

Overall length: 4-3/4" (121mm)

Length of shaft: 1-1/2" (38mm)

Diameter of shaft: 3/8" (9.5mm)


Input: 110-120V AC 60Hz, US Standard AC

Output: 1.25V DC 400mA