Hobbico Deluxe Power Panel II HCAP0302


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Hobbico Deluxe Power Panel II HCAP0302

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Power your electric field equipment from a single 12V source with the deluxe power panel. It provides 12V power to your electric starter, 12V or 6V fuel pump, or 12V PULSED power to your glow plug clip. A variable control knob and meter let you adjust glow plug current, detect engine problems, and check for burned-out plugs.

New Features over the Old Power Panel include:

  • On-board constant charger delivers 300-400mA for glow igniter and has a Green LED when glow igniter is being charged
  • Power all Field Equipment from a single 12V Field Battery. MOSFET-driven glow heat adjustment and a new glow starter charger pack even more power and convenience into a traditional sized Power Panel.


  • Deluxe power panel
  • Six banana plugs
  • Two alligator clips
  • Four mounting screws

Length: 6
Width: 3-3/4
Depth: 2
Weight: 7oz

Note: This charger delivers approximately 300-400mA of continuous current charging a glow starter for approximately 45-60 minutes will supply enough amperage to start an engine multiple times.