Paasche Airbrush Set PASVL-SET


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Paasche Airbrush Set PASVL-SET

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Paasche internal mix, ideal for a wide range of applications. Rocking finger-lever allows simultaneous control of air and color intensity. Constructed of polished and chrome-plated brass. Components made of nickel-silver, and needles of stainless steel. Includes extra fluid containers. Different size tips, air caps and needles are quickly interchangeable. This package includes;

One (V#1L) Double Action Airbrush
One (VL-¼oz) Color Mixing Cup (metal)
One (VL-1oz) 1oz Bottle Assembly
One (H-99) 1oz Bottle & (H-191) Cap
One Each: VLM-1, VLM-3, VLM-5 Multiplehead (includes aircap, aircap
body, and tip)
One Each: VLN-1, VLN-3, VLN-5 needle (For needle and multiplehead,
1 is for light/ thin paint and precision work, 3 for mid-range,
and 5 for heavy paints or broader areas)
One A-34 Hanger
One V-62 Wrench
One (A-1/8-6') Six Foot Air Hose
One VL-189 Head Protecting Cap
One TTALB Booklet: airbrush lessons...for beginners
One Parts Sheet, One-Year Warranty

Air Compressor and Paints
Complete Set Weight: 1.5lb
Pressure Range: 20-35lbs (depending on desired effect)