Top Flite MonoKote Flat Dove Grey 6 Foot Roll TOPQ0511

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Top Flite MonoKote Flat Dove Grey 6 Foot Roll TOPQ0511

More information about Top Flite MonoKote Flat Dove Grey 6 Foot Roll TOPQ0511

This is the Top Flite Flat Dove Grey MonoKote.
One Roll of 6' x 26 Flat Dove Grey Covering

Sealing Iron (TOPR2100)
Iron Sock (TOPR2175)
Heat Gun (TOPR2000)

Paints, Trim Sheets and EconoKote of MonoKote May Vary Slightly In Color Between Production Runs on These Products.
Not for use directly on foam!
Temperature ranges;
Attaching to wood (activating the glue): 240 - 275 Degrees F
Partial shrinkage: 230 - 270 Degrees F
Maximum shrinkage: 270 - 350 Degrees F
This flat MonoKote is slightly different then the traditional coverings. Because of its flat finish you must use a higher temperature when applying the cover. This finish may require the hot iron to make contact with the covering and wood longer than the standard finish. Be sure not too apply it too loosely, it may be difficult to get a tight shrink with this product. Also, when you apply it loosely it could become impossible to remove any wrinkles
  • Flat Dove Grey colored
  • Made of a super strong polyester with tensile strength of 25,000 PSI
  • Extremely lightweight at 0.1 oz/sq ft
  • Patented
  • tightens and shrinks as it cools
  • Simple application dry adhesive is activated when heat is applied
  • Inexpensive, easy, clean, and quick to use.
  • flexible
  • water and fuel proof
  • Easy to clean using glass cleaner such as 409 or MonoKote Cleaner/polish
  • Lighter and stronger then the traditional silk dope coverings.

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