Parma Fasglitter Orange PAR40214


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Parma Fasglitter Orange PAR40214

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This is a vial containing 5.5g of Fasglitter (Orange) from Parma International.


  • Ultra-fine metal flake-like powder specially formulated to be mixed with the Faskoat Sealer
  • Once mixed, you can easily spray it onto any body using a standard airbrush
  • Spraying through an airbrush will give you the highest quality results
  • Then, back it up with any Faskolor paint and you've got a dazzling effect never before achievable with water-based paint
  • Detailed instructions for use are provided

Includes: One Vial of Fasglitter (Orange)

Requires: 2oz Faskoat, 2oz Mixing Bottles and Faskolor Bottle Adaptors

Contents: 5.5g

Note: It's recommended to use a full vial of Fasglitter (5.5 grams) to a 2oz bottle of Faskoat.