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Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer SZX10209

More information about Spaz Stix Ultimate Black Backer SZX10209

Ultimate Black Backer is specially formulated for use with Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome™ SZX10000! Backing mirror chrome with the Ultimate Black Backer protects and permits the full reflective properties of the chrome. Can also be used as a backer for the Spaz Stix Color Change paints.

Use Spaz Stix Surface Pre Prep SZX90059 before painting to keep paint jobs- swirl and fingerprint free. Spaz Stix Solid color paints will appear lightly colored at first and will build in intensity with additional coats. 1.Spray at 60° - 80°F and shake for one minute before use. 2. Hold can 8 to 10from surface while spraying in an even, consistent spray pattern. 3. Occasionally shake can during use. 4. When finished painting, clean valve by holding can upside down while spraying for two seconds. Wipe residue away from spray tip. 5. Allow at least 20 minutes dry time before any additional applications. 6. Always test on a scrap surface first.

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