Hobbico Master Mask 3 oz HCAR3410


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Hobbico Master Mask 3 oz HCAR3410

More information about Hobbico Master Mask 3 oz HCAR3410

MasterMask is ideal for creating attractive and unique trim schemes withought masking tape. It is designed for use on R/C cars, boats, planes as well as trains and plastic models.


  • Latex-based masking film for masking letters, lines, curves, etc. or any finish or surface
  • Can be brushed or sprayed on and will dry to a rubbery consistency that is easier to use and more precise than masking tape
  • Thick consistency requires only one coat coverage for less waste
  • Dries in 1-2 hours
  • Leaves sharp, clean lines and is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Comes in a convenient 3oz bottle with a wide mouth for easy access

Includes: One 3 oz Bottle (89ml)

Note: When used with butyrate canopies, the combination of Master Mask and lacquer-based paints (LustreKote, Chevron, etc), the paint may attack the MasterMask and etch through to the surface of the canopy causing damage to the canopy. MasterMask alone will NOT attack butyrate, and it will NOT react with enamel- or acrylic-based paints (example: paint butyrate canopies with enamel or acrylic paints when using MasterMask). Thin with water if desired.

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